Marianne is running for president. She has declared her vision for the country. She is one voice. We need you to use your voice too!

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    Thank you so much for volunteering for the Marianne Williamson for President campaign. We are embarking together on an extraordinary journey.

    We hope you’ll think of the campaign as a great adventure. It will be hard work but it will be important. Our goal isn’t to replicate the transactional processes of the old politics, but to disrupt them. And we can only disrupt the old if we are willing to be something new.  Let’s demonstrate the transformational politics we wish to see prevail within the world.

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    As a volunteer, you are an ambassador of the campaign. Our hope is that everyone you encounter on the campaign will feel welcomed. It’s important that every person you’re in touch with – either talking about the campaign, enrolling in its vision, posting on social media or even fundraising – feels from you a level of respect, gratitude, and honor for their willingness to hear what we have to say. That is how we’ll express the highest values of the campaign.

    The main ingredients of our campaign are these:

    1) We’re submitting to the American people an agenda for a season of repair

    Please familiarize yourself with the platform we’re submitting to the American people. You’ll have your own unique way of expressing what the campaign stands for, and the more you understand the issues yourself the more effective you will be at communicating them to others. Every week we’ll have an issues zoom call for volunteers, where you can deepen your connection to the ideas and principles that are core to the campaign.

    2) Each volunteer takes personal responsibility.

    Whether you can give us thirty minutes a week or thirty hours, your time and energy will be the net beneath Marianne as she walks quite a high tightrope of a presidential campaign. The volunteers on a campaign are everything. The campaign cannot flourish without you.

    Whether it’s jumping online to counter a smear, or making calls, or helping to put together a campaign event, you will be in that instance the face of the campaign. We feel proud to have earned your support, and we want you to feel proud of supporting the campaign. The energy we share with each other, and express to others, will uplift us all.

    Below you will see the main categories of volunteer involvement. It’s not just the time you give, but the quality of your involvement that will create our win. We will bring forth the best in ourselves that we might help bring forth the best in America.

    As a first step, please join us on a volunteer call so you can get to better know the campaign and the current opportunities for involvement.

    Looking forward to what lies ahead…

    Team Marianne


    Marianne is running for president. She has declared her vision for the country.

    She is one voice. We need you to use your voice too!

    Campaign Announcement

    Share this video far and wide. We want everyone to know why Marianne’s message matters to you.


    I am excited about


    Marianne is my
    candidate for president because…

    A new kind of American—a new kind of thinker and a new kind of citizen—needs to arise now.

    Share your why to help initiate a powerful season of repair. 

    Our next event is March 22nd. View all our Action Calls –>
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    Immigration Justice
    LGBTQIA+ Rights
    Native American Justice
    Reproductive Justice
    Social Security
    The Working Economy

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