Marianne williamson for president.



Last night I was interviewed by Neil Cavoto on Fox News.

Last week in the Big Village poll we came in at 14.5% among Democratic voters, 17.9% among Democratic women, and 32.6% among GenZ.

For a campaign that has basically been blackballed on most mainstream media (there seems to be an unspoken edict: “Whatever you do, don’t let that woman have a viral moment!”), that’s not bad at all! In fact, it’s fantastic. And our team – including our volunteers – deserve huge kudos for making it happen.

The Cavuto interview gives you a bit of an update on where we are, plugging along despite all manner of blockage from every quarter you can imagine. But there’s some kind of magic here; I know I’m saying in this campaign what so many of us are thinking. From an Economic Bill of Rights, to a Department of Peace, to a Department of Children and Youth, to declaring a Climate Emergency, to ending America’s Drug War, we’re articulating plans for a new beginning in the United States.

In order to build on these poll numbers, I very much need your support. I hope you’ll consider giving very generously now so we can turn our momentum into electoral force. I believe with all my heart that we’re the campaign that would win in 2024, but that can only happen if we all pitch in.
Thank you for anything you do to help make it happen. What’s at stake here is huge, as you know.