Marianne williamson for president.



Dear Friends,

Tomorrow I go home to DC for a few days after having been on the road for a month.
From New Hampshire to Boston to Chicago to Detroit to New York to Los Angeles to South Carolina to numerous podcasts and media appearances, I’ve spoken to thousands of people about my plan for this country over the next four years…
An economic new beginning – from universal healthcare to tuition-free college and tech school to free childcare to paid family leave to a guaranteed living wage. The declaration of a climate emergency and a just transition from a dirty economy to a clean economy. And a just transition from a war economy to a peace economy.

What do I call it? The Marianne Plan!
My plan builds the pillars of a new era in America, course-correcting in response to the devastating consequences of forty plus years of trickle down economics. The past few decades have seen the hollowing out of America’s middle class, the transfer of fifty trillion dollars of what used to be middle class wealth into the hands of one percent of Americans, and all manner of chronic struggles in the lives of everyday Americans.

Enough is enough!

Enough with thinking the status quo will disrupt itself, because it will not. It’s not time for perpetuating the system as it is; it’s time for the people to intervene and to disrupt that system. It’s time for returning the resources of this country from the greedy claws of our corporate aristocracy, to the hands of the American people to whom those resources rightfully belong.

The Marianne Plan articulates a new, bolder vision for the future of America. Nothing short of such a vision will win the White House in 2024, and nothing short of it will repair this country.
Everywhere I travel, I see people very concerned about the state of our country. We are concerned for a reason, of course. But I’ve also seen hope, as I’ve received rousing ovations in response to my message that yes, we are down – but we are Americans and we can rise back up.

A better way is possible, but we ourselves must make it happen.

We’ve been trained to limit our political imaginations for years, and it’s time to awaken from the political stupor that has gripped too many of us over the last few years. It’s time to awaken, to rise, and to turn this ship around.

With your help, I will lead the charge.