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Official Statement from the Marianne Williamson Presidential Campaign on Indictment of Former President Donald J. Trump


Today, we’re issuing a statement in response to the federal indictment of former President Donald J. Trump.

The indictment of a former president on charges related to the Espionage Act is a sobering development. All Americans – regardless of our political affiliation – should be hoping for a fair and impartial trial for the former president. Mr. Trump and his lawyers have the right to defend his case in court, and all of us as citizens have the responsibility to honor our criminal codes of justice.

No person is above the law, and all are innocent until proven guilty. Both apply to the former president, as they apply to every American. The law should be a nuanced instrument, not a meat cleaver, and it should never be an instrument of personal grievance. Such a case as this, if prosecuted unfairly, could set a dangerous precedent; it is to every American’s benefit, therefore, that Mr. Trump receives equal justice before the law.

The special prosecutor in this case, Jack Smith, is a registered Independent and is not working at the behest of the Biden Administration. Such charges are false, and those who are making them know that. A grand jury made the decision to indict. The goal of the system is to be an impartial witness to the facts. I have no doubt that those involved in the indictment have done their best to achieve that, and that those who will be involved in the trial going forward will seek a similarly high standard of justice.