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The power of celebration in our lives and in the world: The Transformative Power of Holy Days

The power of celebration in our lives and in the world

Passover, Easter and Ramadan fall quite close together this year, and their spiritual energies are bursting out all over. Yes, all the usual challenges that confront us are on full display. But there’s something else that’s happening as well…a sense of something new in the offing, voices rising on behalf of justice, old ideas being discarded and replaced with new possibilities. New growth is evident, a dying order is gasping its last breath, and more and more people seem eager to usher in a new dawn.

I see it in the new leaves on the tree outside my bedroom window, I see it in the voices of those standing up to racist legislators in Tennessee, I see it in GenZs on Tik Tok who are claiming their own truth and refusing to buy into stale and prepackaged narratives. I feel a pressure coming up from the bottom of things, like the push a pregnant woman feels when her body is saying, “It’s time, it’s time.” Life is doing now what life always does. It’s discarding and dispelling what no longer works, in favor of new life, new spring, new beginnings, and new hope.

Such are manifestations of this season. Can we, in our lives and in our time, overcome the forces of darkness that threaten? Can we rise above the voices of death, from those that would addict us to those that would oppress us, and make our way to a risen state? From Moses leading his people out of Egypt toward the Promised Land, to Jesus rising from the cross, may the power of those images strengthen our resolve as we journey from darkness into light.

To all of you, my best wishes this Easter. Billions of people all over the world are joined in agreement today that love does, after all, cast out all fear. May the power of that agreement bring forth a great Light. May everyone feel it, may all of us be healed by it, may all of us feel today the stirrings of new life.

May he who led his people out of Egypt remind us of the spirit that leads us all, may he who rose now rise in all of us, and may the word Hallelujah be more than a just a word for all of us today. A choir of angels singing means a choir of new thoughts rushing in to remind us who we are, why we’re here, and the power of God that enlivens and informs us.

Today is a day to celebrate. And what we celebrate we will bring forth. Every leaf that springs forth, every moment of forgiveness, every word of love, every stand for justice – may they be magnified a millionfold, in us and in all the world.