Marianne williamson for president.
Women of wellness for Mariana 2020.
Women of wellness supporting Marianne Williamson in her 2024 presidential campaign.

Are you a woman on the path of wellness wanting to create change?

Do you want to be able to look back and say you did everything you could to be part of creating a quantum shift in America?

Do you want to join with other women in your activism?

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Join us in sisterhood

to elect Marianne Williamson as President of the United States in 2024.
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Who We Are:
Women of Wellness for Marianne 2024 is a coalition of women who are vocal advocates for wellness in our communities and professions. We are coaches, healers, teachers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, conscious business owners, creatives, activists, authors, podcasters, and more. We individually and collectively hold integrated wisdom around what it takes to increase the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of humanity. We stand with Marianne Williamson and her transformational vision for the United States of America as President in 2024. We hold a long-standing trust and knowledge of Marianne and her work as a public servant, spiritual counselor, thought leader, political activist, and  New York Times bestselling author.
Our Mission:
Our first priority is to get Marianne elected as the Democratic nominee in the primary elections beginning January 23, 2024. This work includes but is not limited to: donating and fundraising, sharing about Marianne’s campaign in social media and throughout our communities, and opening doors to media, influencers, and other amplifiers of Marianne’s message.
A group of women holding signs with their faces on them in support of Marianne 2024.

Feeling InspireD?

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